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Our Story

We’ve always enjoyed art that serves a practical purpose, and we appreciate items that are visually appealing, inspire emotion, and function seamlessly. Glass art encapsulates this entourage effect very well. In fact, we can still remember the shapes and colors of some of the first bongs we smoked out of, like a tall translucent blue one we used that seemed to capture a storm traveling through it before the clouds overtook us and choked us up with tears in our eyes.

Our Journey

That was one experience where the interplay of smoke and glass transported us to another dimension, and we’ve been hooked ever since. Our admiration inspired us to learn more about these functional pieces of art and the alchemy they create right in our hands. This journey led us to new worlds and ideas where the sky’s the limit for the adventurous. We realized every hand pipe, bubbler, and bong tells a story of tradition and creativity that starts long before it reaches its final destination, lingering long after the last pass. Each detail in the tools we used seemed to make each puff richer, the vibes stronger, and the experience smoother. We were introduced to new tools made from old traditions and old materials revamped in new ways, all with one thing in common: their utter uniqueness enhanced all our encounters.

Our Mission

We built this space to collect and share accessories and tools imbued with this same purpose: to enhance the function they are paired with, not just facilitate it. In pursuit of our quest, we’ve dedicated ourselves to understanding what makes a quality piece—one that seamlessly blends artistry with utility for a transformative experience. As we continue to learn and explore, we aim to pass this knowledge on, benefiting fellow enthusiasts and seekers alike who wish to upgrade their next session with both style and knowledge.

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