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We’ve always enjoyed art that serves a practical purpose. Our appreciation stems from the fact that we like items that are not just visually appealing, but also inspire feelings within us and function well. It’s this appreciation that drew us to the world of smoking accessories – a realm where artistry, innovation, and functionality converge.

Every hand pipe, bubbler, or bong tells a story of tradition and creativity. In each well crafted piece we can see the influence of various disciplines like sculpture and conceptual art executed through glassblowing, woodcarving, ceramics, even paper making. We see you rolling papers.

We built this space to show appreciation for these art forms and their contributions to good smoke sessions the world over.  We specialize in showcasing handmade, limited edition, and unique smoking tools for those seeking to add a stellar touch to their next smoke sesh.

Join us as we celebrate art and function with the tools we need to take our smoke sessions to the outer limits.

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