Astral Blush: Stellar Light Purple Dab Rig


Embark on a stellar dabbing adventure with the Astral Blush Dab Rig. This elite rig blends a celestial light purple design with superior functionality, for a sublime dabbing experience.

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Introducing the ‘Astral Blush’ Heady Glass Dab Rig, where artistry and functionality converge for the discerning dab enthusiast. This premium rig, adorned with a celestial theme and intricate designs, elevates your dabbing to a cosmic level.

The Astral Blush stands out with its striking light purple hue, mirroring the mystical colors of distant galaxies. Its glasswork is not only visually captivating but also represents the beauty and infinity of the universe. The detailed celestial designs are a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication behind each rig.

This dab rig combines artistic flair with practicality. Its design ensures effective cooling and filtration for smooth, rich dabs every time. The rig’s dimensions and form are crafted for user comfort and ease, offering a tranquil dabbing experience akin to floating among the stars.

The Astral Blush is built for longevity. Constructed from high-grade glass, it’s designed to withstand regular use while maintaining its galactic beauty. The stable base and user-friendly structure make it a reliable and indispensable tool for any dab aficionado.

In summary, the Astral Blush Heady Glass Dab Rig is not just a dabbing device; it’s a piece of celestial art. It symbolizes the fusion of exquisite design and practicality, making every dab session an exploration of the stars

  • Handblown by Subliminal Glass

***Please note that each of our handmade products is unique and may vary slightly in color, pattern and size.  Additionally, while we strive to accurately depict our products’ colors in our photos, color calibration of individual computer monitors may vary and may not exactly match the color of the product.


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Weight14.3 oz
Dimensions5 × 7.5 in



Galactic, Outer Space


Purple, Yellow, Blue, White




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