Sizzling Orange Glass Spoon: A Starry Escape Pipe


Ignite your smoke sessions with our vibrant Orange Dry Pipe. Its unique colors, patterns, and star cluster offer transport to the outer limits.

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  • Step into a world of unparalleled smoking delight with our Sizzling Orange Glass Spoon. This isn’t merely a pipe; it’s a handcrafted piece of art. First off, the bright orange hue captivates your senses.  As you use it more, the special fumed glass undergoes a fascinating transformation, enhancing your pipe and your experience over time.  But there’s more. The star cluster inside takes your experience to a whole new level. Want a little extra wow? Shine a UV light on the bowl and watch what happens. The pipe is also easy to hold, making it the perfect sidekick on any puffing adventure.
  • Handblown by Gemini Art Glass
  • Star Image created by DapoGlass

***Please note that each of our handmade products is unique and may vary slightly in color, pattern and size.  Additionally, while we strive to accurately depict our products’ colors in our photos, color calibration of individual computer monitors may vary and may not exactly match the color of the product.

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Weight2 oz
Dimensions4 × 2 × 1 in



Transparent, Orange