Interstellar Blue & White Spatula Keychain Dab Tool


Journey through the stars with our Interstellar Keychain Dab Tool, where interstellar design meets earthly durability. Perfect for the dab aficionado always on the move, it’s the ultimate blend of convenience and lasting quality.

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  • Set off on a stellar journey with our Interstellar Blue & White Keychain Dab Tool, where elegance meets functionality in a compact design. Perfect for the dab connoisseur, this tool is a harmonious blend of form and utility.Leading with a robust stainless steel spatula tip, it offers unmatched precision. Whether you’re scooping or spreading, this tool transitions smoothly between tasks, ensuring your dabbing is as effortless as a glide through the cosmos.Crafted from sustainable Birch wood, the handle is a work of art. Dyed in peaceful blue and white, it evokes the serenity of the universe, bringing a calming presence to your dabbing sessions.

    Moreover, the laminated wood layers not only bolster the tool’s sturdiness but also add a unique visual appeal, as distinctive as a comet streaking across the night sky.

    Sealed with a non-toxic finish, the wood’s vibrant hues are safeguarded, providing a smooth grip that stands the test of time. Despite its sturdy construction, the tool’s design is discreet and portable, ideal for dabbers on the move or those who prefer a minimalist setup at home.

    Conclude your search for the perfect dabbing accessory with our Interstellar Keychain Dabber. It’s the ultimate fusion of style and function, destined to elevate your dabbing ritual to celestial heights.

***Please note that each of our handmade products is unique and may vary slightly in color, pattern and size.  Additionally, while we strive to accurately depict our products’ colors in our photos, color calibration of individual computer monitors may vary and may not exactly match the color of the product.

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Weight.4 oz
Dimensions5.25 × .75 × .75 in

Wood, Stainless Steel


Blue & White