Interstellar Blue & White Spatula Dabber Tool


Dive into a stellar dabbing session with our Interstellar Blue & White Spatula Dabber Tool. Compact, durable, and designed with a celestial blue and white pattern, it’s an essential accessory for the discerning dabber, ready to enhance your experience wherever you are.

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  • Embark on a stellar dabbing quest with our Interstellar Blue & White Dab Tool, the ultimate accessory for the discerning enthusiast.Kick off with the tool’s single-ended design, boasting a heavy-duty stainless steel spatula tip. This precision-engineered end is perfect for meticulous scooping and spreading, ensuring a flawless dabbing experience.The handle, a work of art, is carved from eco-friendly Birch wood. Stained in deep blues and whites, it mirrors the majestic expanse of the cosmos, bringing an otherworldly flair to your dabbing sessions.

    Durability meets design in the laminated wood layers, each reinforcing the tool’s sturdiness while making your piece distinctively yours.

    A non-toxic sealant locks in the wood’s rich hues, offering a grip that’s both comfortable and long-lasting.

    Despite its sturdy build, the tool’s design remains sleek and portable, ideal for both tranquil sessions at home and as a trusty travel companion. It stands as the essential dabbing tool for those who value reliability and style.

    Transform your dabbing routine with our Interstellar Blue & White Single-Ended Dabber, where elegance meets efficiency, propelling your dabbing experience to celestial realms.

***Please note that each of our handmade products is unique and may vary slightly in color, pattern and size.  Additionally, while we strive to accurately depict our products’ colors in our photos, color calibration of individual computer monitors may vary and may not exactly match the color of the product.

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Weight.5 oz
Dimensions5.5 × .75 × .50 in

Wood, Stainless Steel


Blue & White