Woodland Mystery: Sherlock-Style Glass Pipe


Explore the mysteries of nature with the Woodland Mystery Dry Pipe. This Sherlock-style glass pipe, with its unique woodgrain design, offers a distinguished and earthy smoking experience.

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Introducing the ‘Woodland Mystery’ Glass Dry Pipe, a Sherlock-style creation that artfully combines the intrigue of detective tales with the rustic beauty of the forest. This exceptional dry pipe, crafted with a woodgrain style in glass, invites you into a world of mystery and natural elegance with every use.

The Woodland Mystery stands out with its classic Sherlock pipe shape, renowned for its sophisticated and timeless design. The intricate woodgrain pattern, meticulously rendered in glass, mimics the natural textures of tree bark, offering a visual and tactile experience reminiscent of a forest adventure.

This pipe is not just about its captivating aesthetic; it’s engineered for an exceptional smoking experience. Its Sherlock-style design enhances the smoking process, cooling the smoke for a smoother draw. The glass construction ensures the purity of flavor, free from any interference, making each puff a delightful journey.

Crafted from durable high-quality glass, the Woodland Mystery is built to last. Its robust construction and ergonomic design make it a reliable companion for your smoking escapades. The pipe’s easy-to-clean nature ensures it remains a treasured piece in your collection.

The Woodland Mystery Glass Dry Pipe transcends its functional role, becoming a symbol of storytelling and the natural world. It represents the perfect harmony of imaginative design and practicality, making every smoking session an exploration of both the mysteries of the forest and the tales of Sherlock Holmes.

Additional information

Weight5.4 oz
Dimensions7.75 × 3 × 3.75 in



Wood Grain Design


Natural Wood Color


Smooth Texture


Hand Pipe, Dry Pipe


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