Our transmissions seek to reveal new worlds within a vibrant culture.

We delve deep into the world of smoking accessories bridging the gap between tradition, art and the innovation that fuels them.  Our transmissions offer expert tips, practical guides, cultural insights, origin stories, and engaging media for seasoned enthusiast as well as new seekers.

We place special emphasis on glass, a cornerstone of the culture, and explore its unique role and artistry in the evolution of the smoking experience.  We embrace new and old materials and techniques that influence todays smoking traditions and rituals.  Our transmissions unveil hidden knowledge to help you select, use and maintain the best smoking tools to enhance your next experience.

Embark with us in our quest to learn more and develop a greater appreciation for the tools that make every puff possible.

Discover The Top 5 Smoking Essentials

Explore the Top 5 Smoking Essentials for an Extraordinary Smoking Experience As a passionate smoker, you understand the significance of having the right accessories by your side. From pipes and bongs to papers and lighters, the right gear can elevate your smoking experience. Imagine settling down for a smoke session only to realize you’re missing…

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The Legacy of Headshops.

Discover the Evolution and Significance of Headshops Throughout History Delve into the fascinating world of headshops, the counterculture havens that have left an indelible mark since the 1960s. While modern online headshops like Mr. Dew Dab have transformed the landscape, the origins of these establishments were vastly different. In this article, we’ll take a deep…

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Unlocking the Brilliance of Scientific Glass

Discover the Unparalleled Benefits of Borosilicate Glass for Bongs, Pipes, and Water Pipes Bongs, pipes, bubblers, recyclers—explore the world of smoking accessories and indulge in the extraordinary properties of scientific glass. Scientific glass, also known as borosilicate glass, boasts unique characteristics derived from its origins in lab equipment like beakers and test tubes. Find out…

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The Journey of the Humble Rolling Paper

Explore the Origins, Evolution, and Significance of Rolling Papers Throughout History The first people to use tobacco are thought to be the Aztecs and the Mayans, it is said that the mayans in particular are known to have used the inner bark of the tree called “amatl” to wrap tobacco and other herbs for smoking.…

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The Wonders of Hemp: Part 1

Hemp Will Save the World, But what is it? Part 1 When it comes to hemp, opinions vary drastically. While some react with disapproval, others passionately extol its potential to revolutionize the world. But what exactly is hemp, and where does it come from? Join us as we embark on a journey to unravel the…

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Heady Glass: Why it Makes Our Hearts Bubble

Heady Glass Makes our Hearts Bubble and here’s why… Whether you’re a traditionalist who appreciates the taste of wood and smoke or a modern enthusiast drawn to glass bubblers and vibrant bongs, there’s one thing we can all agree on at Mr. Dew Dab: the sheer delight of owning a stunning, durable, and functional glass…

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CBD: A Natural Solution for You and Me.

Discover the Benefits and Uses of CBD, a Compound Found in Cannabis Is it a miracle in a bottle? CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Unlike THC, which causes psychoactive effects, CBD offers a range of beneficial effects for the brain and body. As scientists delve deeper into…

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Discover 8 Smokeable Herbs

Explore the Benefits of Smokeable Herbs: Smoke these instead of those. When it comes to smoking, most people think of tobacco and cannabis. But did you know there are other herbs you can enjoy? Some offer health benefits while others serve as alternatives to riskier options. Here, we introduce 8 smokeable herbs that can provide…

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